Feature Interview: Bestselling Author

Interview in English.

Post-interview blog: ’A fascinating interview with a best-selling author this afternoon. A discussion of some of his own work, the Slovak market, literary relations with the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Germany (where his works are translated), the meaning, production, and reception of pop lit in Slovakia, and many other topics of interest.

One of the most interesting aspects of the conversation was the discussion of the great shift over the past ten to fifteen years in the marketing and promotion of literature in Slovakia. This author is of particular interest in this respect as he was one of the first, perhaps the first, to really market his own work, to create a name, a market and readership, through book tours, the net, public presentations, etc.

Also of note is that this author writes a largely urban/Bratislava prose that appeals to young readers, to an emerging generation with a very different upbringing and view of the world. That being said, he is part of innovative ventures in publishing that aim to promote wide dissemination on a national scale.’